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모란당초문을 모든 면에 음각으로 새겼다. 약과형앞바탕과 약과형경첩, 거멀잡이장석이 달렸다. 서랍에는 활형들쇠가 있는데 들쇠에 받침쇠는 박쥐형이다. 활형들쇠 양 옆으로 광두정을 달고 그 바탕 받침쇠는 화형 문양을 달았다.

Mirror Box
22.3 × 29 × 18cm

The Lady's Room also required a number of pieces of funiture for function as well as aesthetics. The mirror box was most essential for doing make-up, and was constructed to fold out at an angle for convenience to the lady who sat on the floor in front of it. The top section contained the fold-out mirror while one large drawer on the lower section was an all-purpose container for cosmetics, combs, comb picks, hairpins, etc. It decorates intagliated foliaged peony patterns.
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